About Seed Nouveau

Seed Nouveau is one designer—Naomi Austin (myself). My career in graphic design began in 1999, and I love what I do. Graphic Design gives me the ability to express myself creatively, while fulfilling the needs of my clients. That process is very satisfying and it’s what has kept me madly in love with this profession for this long.


Having lived in and worked out of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, as well as Carrboro, North Carolina, where I now reside, I’ve worked with a multitude of different types of clients and agencies. These experiences have given me a valuable understanding of American culture, style, and graphic design sensibilities. I also have a foundation in traditional techniques, giving me a well-rounded understanding of design and print esthetics. Having a strong grasp on back-end development awards me the ability to design, build, and update your website. I value time and efficiency, as well as the quality of my work and prefer to get it right the first time! Therefor, my ears and mind stays open, so that we can carefully but quickly cultivate your creation to suit your needs.


In addition to graphic design, I am also a mother of 2 young children. In terms of hobbies, I am a musician, painter, crafter, gardener, and wild food forager.


My Services:

  • Website Design – I can design a custom website in scratch, but most of my clients now days prefer WordPress, so that they can easily update their site without relying on me, or someone else that knows code in order to update or change their site on occasion. That said, I can design your site, or simply update it. 
  • Brand Development – Working with you to create the look and emotional “gut feeling” reaction that your company can elicit from your customers. So in other words, developing the Look and Feel of your company.
  • Logo Design / Identity – Business Cards, Letterhead, and applying your logo or icon to any other printed or digital media
  • Print Design – Posters, Banners, Invitations, Fliers, Signage, T-Shirt Designs